Be discovered for what you do best.

Airfoli helps you to be discovered and connected with valuable contacts in your local community.

Connect with those who matter most.

Whether it is more paying clients for your business, new collaborators for your projects, or someone that you can hire, we make sure that you are put in front of the people that matter most to you.

Fly higher than the rest.

We create you a simple, stunning, professional portfolio, and place you on our personalized search platform, helping you get noticed and connected to your community.

A place for everyone.

Whatever it is you do, we have a place for you. From creatives, to consultants, to aspiring side hustlers, and independent service providers. If you benefit from making valuable connections, then we have your back.

Key Features

Professional portfolios

A sleek, sharable portfolio, to tell your individual story in a modern way.

Personalized search & discovery

Tag-based, targeted search that gets the best and most relevant results.

Multi-channel communication

Email, messenger, whatsapp, telegram...whatever you got, we have you covered.

Social Network Extension

Explore your connections with a new lens. Find the people you should know in your extended network.

Third party integrated

Bringing your existing tools to us, making your life easier. Google calendar, mailchimp, and others.

Tools for the community.

We create tools and services for communites and events, like directories, on-site check-in, post event netowrking, and more.

A new way to network.

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